GoFetchCode, powered by IBM Watson™, is the premier cognitive app that distills contents to answer building code questions. Ask GoFetchCode your question and it uses IBM Watson’s natural language processing to read and find answers in the code while easily linking you to other relevant sections.


GoFetchCode is a partnership of IBM Watson and ENGEO, a leading provider of geotechnical, environmental, and hydrologic engineering, with over 45 years of experience navigating building codes and the construction industry.


GoFetchCode is mobile and tablet friendly. Find what you need, wherever you are.

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Official ICC Building Codes are an integral feature of GoFetchCode.


Ask GoFetchCode a question you have about a building code


IBM Watson™ has already read the code and finds what you are asking for


GoFetchCode brings you to the right spot in the code, nicely formatted for the web


The Code in GoFetchCode is all linked together, so searching through the code is a snap


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GoFetchCode is an online application that provides answers to your Building Code-related questions, referring to specific Building Code regulations. Use GoFetchCode to:

Find specific paragraphs in a snap

Bookmark important articles

Save your previous questions

Easily navigate and cross-reference Building Codes

Trying to find the regulation I need in the Florida Building Code is something close to a nightmare. Even when you find what you are looking for you often have to look in twelve more sections to get all of the relevant information. GoFetchCode helps me find exactly what I am looking for and then makes it super easy to navigate the code to find all the pieces I need to make sure that my designs are in compliance.

– Edgar Walace, Design Engineer